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Originally written on April 29, 2010

About a week ago, a good friend of mine e-mailed me an article on existentialism, after a blog post of mine had got him examining the topic. The author of the article, Alexander Green, laid out a fairly simple explanation of the basic characteristics of existentialist thought. This, in turn, got me thinking about my role in the world, both as an individual and as an activist for social change. In essence, it is the self versus the society. Perhaps that is a bit too confrontational of a description, but I do indeed at times feel pulled between my individual desires, thoughts and manifestations and the desire to exacerbate critical thinking and pro-active social change. These two worlds are most certainly not mutually exclusive, but nonetheless, it is a common tendency of the Marxist left to distance dialectical materialism from individual notions of self, and of spiritualism and the role that plays in our schema of the social world around us. continue reading…

Love Will Turn You Around

Originally written on April 17, 2010

My first exposure to nascar/stock-car racing came at the age of six. This was when one of the most underrated films ever made, Six Pack, was released. If one does not believe that Kenny Rogers’ striking and moving portrayal of down and out stock-car driver “Brewster Baker” was an awe-inspiring tour-de-force of cinematic history, then perhaps one needs to develop a more articulate cinematic palate such as myself. Aside from this groundbreaking movie, I had never heard of nascar, and for the most part, would have limited knowledge of its existence and surrounding subculture for another fifteen years. continue reading…

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