Dear Arlen Specter,

I am a resident of Pennsylvania, thus making me your current constituent. I am not a registered Democrat, so I will not have the fortune of voting for you on Tuesday in the Democratic Primary against Joe Sestak. I really want to see another six years of you in the Senate.

Seeing as how I live in Pennsylvania and occasionally turn on the television, I have the pleasure of watching and/or listening to your never-ending barrage of attack ads against Joe Sestak. It’s so nice of you to point out time and time and time again what a horrible choice Sestak would be.

I was under the impression that Sestak was actually a progressive Democrat seeing as how he co-authored the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that gives workers more freedom to unionize — a bill that you ultimately did not support. But thanks to you, I now know how evil Sestak is. His 30+ years of service in the Navy is suspect at best and he exploits his campaign workers. Without your constant non-stop commercials, I would never know how awful the guy is. continue reading…