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I am reclaiming two articles of mine that were written for another website which I am no longer affiliated with. I thought I would share them with any readers of mine who might not have read them.

From Clinton to Obama

Reconciling Hope with Reality

Having spent my entire adult life living through the Clinton, W., and now Obama administrations, not only do I have the intellectual and academic tools to put these political years in proper historical context, I have the sometimes rare blessing of actual real-time critique and analysis—rare to Historians such as myself at least. Around the time Clinton took office, we saw an explosion of cable news and right-wing talk radio, and a little later, the internet became a widely available source for the propagation of information from all corridors of political debate.

By and large, this wealth of information would ultimately serve to further divide what is largely a politically moderate population. Rather than thoughtful debate on real issues, the prevailing apparatus of political discussion was merely more than a screaming match between two sides, “Liberal” and “Conservative,” that produced little actual meaningful dialogue, but further divided an electorate that in reality is not too far apart on most issues. continue reading…

i SO mad i USE THEM capitol LETERs

I was checking out a few videos about Arizona’s new immigration bill on YouTube last night. Typically, I have used YouTube merely as a means of watching the occasional “guy getting hit in the nuts” video–who doesn’t love that–and also finding something relevant to my bizarre fetishes. But being the pillar of political commentary and journalistic integrity that I now am, I decided that YouTube might be better used as a medium of intelligent discussion and commentary with like-minded individuals.

While viewing some videos relating to Arizona’s recent immigration bill, I checked out the “comments” section below the videos. Let me tell you valued readers, it was a veritable smörgåsbord of racism, intolerance, ignorance and just plain bizarre ramblings. I thought I would highlight some of these gems of enlightened commentary for everyone’s amusement and/or horror. These are all taken verbatim, no change whatsoever. I am not giving their particular YouTube user-name though; they don’t need any more attention than I am already giving them. I do have to give some credit to the Free Republik Website. They have a “twitter nut of the day” post that they do, highlighting some of the more “reasoned” tweets from the right-wing, which inspired today’s post. continue reading…

Originally written on April 25, 2010

On Friday, April 24, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a new immigration bill requiring local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants. What the actual reason is that police would suspect someone of being an illegal immigrant is not stated in the law, but is left to the discretion of the officers. The reality is every single resident of Arizona of Latino descent–about 30% of the state’s population–is a potential target for police interrogation.

This bill is the culmination of a decade’s long attempt at fear-mongering that spreads false information about the actual costs–fiscal and social–of illegal immigration, all in an effort to use the already racist inclinations of a white population duped into the belief that “American” culture, language and identity is threatened by illegal immigrants. Of course, the illegal immigrants they speak of only pertain to Latin America–Mexico at the forefront–and do not mention immigrants from any other part of the world that come to this country every year, just like Latinos, but whose skin is not dark and whose native language is not Spanish. Fear-mongers like Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck, among many others, manipulate their audience into a belief system that re-enforces racist stereotypes, perpetuates lies about the actual costs of illegal immigration and presents hypothetical scenarios about the downfall of white American culture at the hands of these immigrants. continue reading…

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