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A Demagogue Inside Your Head

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When your imagination has too much to say
When the chill of the night meets the sweat of the day
And you have trouble understanding what other people have to say
You’d better

Hang on to your emotions, hang on to your emotions

When a demagogue inside your head has taken charge
And by default what you say or do is criticized
And this litany of failures is recited a thousand times
You’d better

Hang on to your emotions, hang on to your emotions (Reed)


Being that this is indeed Sunday, I thought it time for the resurrection of Sunday Lou, especially seeing as how original articles on my site have been few and far between the past two months. The tone of Lou’s song, Hang on to Your Emotions, from his 1996 album Set the Twilight Reeling (one of my personal favorites in his extensive catalog) is very fitting for my various frustrations and insecurities as of late. Of course, it is not my intent to turn this site into my personal forum for the occasional introspective and esoteric examination of my life, though there ultimately will be a bit of that, but by and large, constructive and pragmatic critique of our Imperialist State is what sparks my intellectual passions. Part of my frustration stems from so many recent assaults on our freedom and our common sense by the forces of said Imperialism. So for today, Sunday Lou will be a manifestation of my quips regarding recent political deeds and doings. continue reading…


As the old Buddhist parable goes: Nothing is Permanent. That would indeed be a wonderful thing as the permanence of dissonance, from ourselves and from the world around us, would be a frightening scenario if such a thing existed through eternity and all forms manifested within. As I struggle to grasp and cling to the life of stability and the facade of happiness — with varying degrees of success and outlook I travel back to a time where there was absolute and permanent understanding of the universe and my place in that universe. Though, like perceptions of happiness, this understanding — this epiphany — would merely be a facade as well. Yet there is still much to be gained from our conceptualizations and schema of life constructed deep within our minds, be they facade or not. It is our own dissemination of such facades, not prevailing culture at large, that ultimately determines the world we see before our eyes. Through war, poverty, environmental devastation and corrupt systems of societal control; our world is tainted and distorted as we lose grasp of our places and the actions that may one day ameliorate an end to that suffering, for the concept of all life being suffering is not permanent nor absolute, but is merely a limitation of conceptual continuity and thought.

The World of Devas

The Devas are around us — be they particles and atoms that surround and consume us or any other energy that escapes our sights. In the traditional Buddhist construction, the Devas are but merely a little more advanced than us humans. Awaiting passage to new forms of lives or just existing in the fringes of this world, the devas are in part a diva as we know it, though without the ability for adornment and praise. continue reading…

As I am nearing the one month anniversary of the launch of my new venture into digital media, The Pigeon Post, I am constantly looking back to the path that led me to the current state of my professional, intellectual and creative undertakings. As I’ve been consumed with technical issues, business dealings, managerial duties and some severe writer’s block, my own site, the site that led to my current and future path and gave me an outlet for words and creations that had been lurking inside for so long, has suffered from those other pursuits — both in quality and quantity. If it wasn’t for those who gave me support and encouragement on this site over the past 6 months, I never would have had the confidence to pursue greater things in my creative and professional life — all ameliorating what will hopefully be the assimilation of information, presented in a rational dialectic, that reaches a broader market and inspires greater and deeper thoughts and actions rather than reactions, which is what many of us, regardless of ideological or political affiliation, have been programmed to do.

As the stressors of Corporate life (my own twisted Corporate life that is) gradually subside, I hope to add more insightful commentary and journalism on my own site as this is as much an extension of my life as anything is. Perhaps all of us tend to get bogged down by the limitations of our simplified construct of what we can achieve, rather than creating the path that we know we are meant to pursue. I am indeed on the right path for myself and am creating that path as I move along, both cautiously and with the reckless abandon of youth. My gift is my ability to tell the stories of those — and myself — who walk the path of the human condition through the lens of a rational and open-minded observation. The stories that we weave through our existence on earth, are what makes, shapes and defines History — no matter how insignificant or how great. continue reading…

Chapter One: The Faceless Ones

The Divas of Degradation stand behind the walls of corruption, graft and institutionalized criminal enterprises propped by the swirling clouds of the inevitable storm that bemoans a subtle and charismatic calm before the empire falls. To rise against the Divas is to come to the understanding that pragmatic dissonance is by far the absolute and penultimate action before our final attempt: a wholesale dismantling of society and the transformation to a new state of being.

Back at the seminary, I took my vows to uphold the righteous laws of man bestowed by that grand creature of our subconscious constructs. The processes of mapping the paths from our scenic beginning as single-celled miscreants in the slush of the petulant seas to the current state of blissful inhibition is quite easy with the proper tools of enlightenment. continue reading…

We’re All Going Down


Going Down

When you’re in a dream
and you think you’ve got your
problems all nailed down
Pieces of the scheme
Seem to rattle up and to rattle down (Reed)


Screaming, bellowing and exerting the trepidations of youthful reverie, I take the plunge into a full mutilation of the psyche. The spirit never seems to crash, or to fall, or to disseminate as I try going down and taking my crew with me.  Ultimately, the success of the transoceanic journey from synaptic relay posts to the heart of matter relies solely on the abilities of my crew to dispense of the weight that accrues throughout our voyage. continue reading…

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