Who am I exactly? A writer? Yes. A publisher? Yes. A man whose prior transgressions have ultimately provided a motive to live a life of public interest rather than selfish self-destruction, yes.

I suppose I am just a man who has something to say. What I say is predicated upon an understanding of dialectical materialism and a belief that history can reveal the truth about current issues and conflicts. Historical reality through a lens of critical analysis allows us to see that the path toward freedom is an understanding of systemic failures rather than semantic hyperbole.

I use that as a means of putting the social, political and economic world in a rational context. By no means am I a strict adherent to Marxian analysis. I tend to look at the world in shades of gray rather than a black and white, “us versus them” mentality. Marxism is just a means of putting our world in a proper context; a context predicated on the idea that we have been and continue to be exploited and manipulated through the elite and the powerful: the moneyed interests of Corporate Imperialism.

It is my hope that my writing can ameliorate a pragmatic and inclusive dialogue, regardless of ideological affiliation. I believe that those of us on the left serve no useful purpose when we let ourselves be consumed with petty differences of semantics. Our goal should be that of an intellectual foundation dedicated to rational and objective critique that will hopefully inspire the “mainstream” to realize the profound harm that the corporate hegemony that dictates the direction of our democracy has on the future of our planet.

I now have the opportunity to give other writers a chance to express their views, regardless of ideology, on a broader scale as I am now the President of Curl Publishing Incorporated.  My model is quite simple: publish original, articulate and thought-provoking content from writers that share equally in the profits from the Corporation. I hope to spread quality commentary and journalism through a medium — the internet — that has a tendency to highlight inflammatory and reactionary content over reasoned and researched information. Curl Publishing will do everything it can to stop that trend. I hope my readers and many others will follow my new site, The Pigeon Post, and gain insight from not only my writing, but the writing of others who have a diverse and unique perspective on a myriad of subject matter.