As I am nearing the one month anniversary of the launch of my new venture into digital media, The Pigeon Post, I am constantly looking back to the path that led me to the current state of my professional, intellectual and creative undertakings. As I’ve been consumed with technical issues, business dealings, managerial duties and some severe writer’s block, my own site, the site that led to my current and future path and gave me an outlet for words and creations that had been lurking inside for so long, has suffered from those other pursuits — both in quality and quantity. If it wasn’t for those who gave me support and encouragement on this site over the past 6 months, I never would have had the confidence to pursue greater things in my creative and professional life — all ameliorating what will hopefully be the assimilation of information, presented in a rational dialectic, that reaches a broader market and inspires greater and deeper thoughts and actions rather than reactions, which is what many of us, regardless of ideological or political affiliation, have been programmed to do.

As the stressors of Corporate life (my own twisted Corporate life that is) gradually subside, I hope to add more insightful commentary and journalism on my own site as this is as much an extension of my life as anything is. Perhaps all of us tend to get bogged down by the limitations of our simplified construct of what we can achieve, rather than creating the path that we know we are meant to pursue. I am indeed on the right path for myself and am creating that path as I move along, both cautiously and with the reckless abandon of youth. My gift is my ability to tell the stories of those — and myself — who walk the path of the human condition through the lens of a rational and open-minded observation. The stories that we weave through our existence on earth, are what makes, shapes and defines History — no matter how insignificant or how great.

As a writer, I am often limited by the lack of hands-on human interaction to convey a story of real meaning and depth. To a large degree, I simply comment on the dastardly goings on of a corrupt and shallow system. Of course I also write of my tales of a depraved existence, and those are the stories of meaning to me — and to many readers as well. Sometimes I write amazing pieces of thought and literature, sometimes I write incomprehensible crap, but that is the process that many others have ventured upon. It is with some trepidation, but mostly with great anticipation that I am beginning my journey into actual journalism. I’m doing some interviews in the next couple of weeks that for now, will only be audio — or podcasts — with a written transcript and corresponding article. This is just the first step toward greater goals.

As finances become more stable, I am going to be venturing into actual video — or webcasts if you will — news and documentary production, with some absurd projects thrown in for good measure. This has been something I have dreamed about for many years, yet never had the motive, opportunity, or the right circumstances to pursue such a venture. As middle age rapidly approaches, it’s now or never as they say. For what I lack in finances, I will surely make up for in drive and tenacity as our lot in life isn’t always set in stone. I am hopefully creating my own lot — and hopefully creating financial security for myself, my family and the writers I employ (as well as any future employees). Despite what I’ve been told in the past, there is indeed a market for Todd Curl. That market might not be sitting in my lap, yet I am confident that the market can be created if I so choose.

In the meantime; for any readers who have yet to venture onto The Pigeon, here’s a few links to some articles I’ve written for the new site. They’re not my best work by any means, but still from my hands nonetheless. I hope to keep adding new content to the Todd Blog at least 3 – 4 times a week and I thank everyone for sticking with me and giving me the support that has inspired me to take on greater challenges.

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