Going Down

When you’re in a dream
and you think you’ve got your
problems all nailed down
Pieces of the scheme
Seem to rattle up and to rattle down (Reed)


Screaming, bellowing and exerting the trepidations of youthful reverie, I take the plunge into a full mutilation of the psyche. The spirit never seems to crash, or to fall, or to disseminate as I try going down and taking my crew with me.  Ultimately, the success of the transoceanic journey from synaptic relay posts to the heart of matter relies solely on the abilities of my crew to dispense of the weight that accrues throughout our voyage.


And when you start to fall
And those footsteps they start to fade
Then you know you’re going down
Yeah, you’re falling all around
And you know you’re Going Down
for the last time (Reed)


I take my cues from those who might have ventured through the same waters that define our absolute and incomplete mental construct of what shapes reality and subconscious allusion. From the child I have vague yet vivid recollections of, to the man that I attempt to believe is a man of good thought and right action; this journey through the rough and stormy waters of consciousness is a perilous one for sure.

Hampered by the weight of guilt and fear, I trudge along quite carefully and slowly as the incomplete quests for actualization never seem to find their way back to any meaningful point across the vast maps of genetic code that are the only true constructs of this time on earth.

Systemic casualties are inevitable in our journeys, yet are nonetheless avoidable with the tools granted our captain. The speed kicks in and the weariness of previous voyages dithers and withers away. The captain is out tonight and the crew must trudge along with what they have learned through years of wayward trips through the great unknown; the waters that shape and build the character of what are to become and what we are to destroy.


When you’re in the air
And you’re thinking you’ll
drift off into the rest

Your friends politely advise
Hey look you’re pushing too hard
And perhaps you need a rest

And when you start to fall
And all those footsteps they start to fade
Then you know you’re going down
Yeah, you’re crashing upside down
And you know you’re
Going Down (Reed)

For the last time…….