i SO mad i USE THEM capitol LETERs

I was checking out a few videos about Arizona’s new immigration bill on YouTube last night. Typically, I have used YouTube merely as a means of watching the occasional “guy getting hit in the nuts” video–who doesn’t love that–and also finding something relevant to my bizarre fetishes. But being the pillar of political commentary and journalistic integrity that I now am, I decided that YouTube might be better used as a medium of intelligent discussion and commentary with like-minded individuals.

While viewing some videos relating to Arizona’s recent immigration bill, I checked out the “comments” section below the videos. Let me tell you valued readers, it was a veritable smörgåsbord of racism, intolerance, ignorance and just plain bizarre ramblings. I thought I would highlight some of these gems of enlightened commentary for everyone’s amusement and/or horror. These are all taken verbatim, no change whatsoever. I am not giving their particular YouTube user-name though; they don’t need any more attention than I am already giving them. I do have to give some credit to the Free Republik Website. They have a “twitter nut of the day” post that they do, highlighting some of the more “reasoned” tweets from the right-wing, which inspired today’s post.

So here we go:

im hispanic and do not believe in trespassing in my country… i agree 90% come here to work hard the other 10% crimes and smugglers… no bueno man.. it must be passes

I am a Mexican-American and I understand why they are doing this. Those cartels from Mexico are messing up everything, I mean the USA has to keep it’s people safe, I would never live in Mexico with all of the horrible violence going on. But what about the Hispanic communities? Are they going to stop ever Hispanic they see? Of course not, I think Arizonas leaders do have some sort of racist intention, but who knows maybe they are really trying to target the drug cartels.

It’s good to know that Hispanics support this bill. Who can argue with the reasoning?

I live here in AZ and I am just one of the 78% of the state that supports this bill. Be prepared to more of it as Texas,California,Utah,Colorado,and Alabama are talking of adopting similar laws.There is nothing about this bill any different than what is written in federal law.I We also just passed a conceal carry law too

78% support the bill? I read it on the internet, it must be true! Considering whites make up 58% of the population and (legal) Hispanics 30%, then every white person and at least 1/2 of Hispanics would have to support it to come out to 78%. Also, I don’t believe federal law mandates that police question every citizen if they are suspected of being here illegally–for all you know, a nice white guy like me could be an illegal Canadian; better question all white people while we’re at it.

They should do the same thing in CO, NY, MA…Police should be trained on how to figure out peoples country of origin and religion by looking at their faces and inspecting their way of driving. Police should be instructed to stop 1 in 2 people who don’t look Americans including foreign students. Especially, should be trained to differentiate between Black Americans and blacks from other countries. This, however, should not apply to whites because illegals from this race are still welcome

Uh, what can I possibly add to such brilliant logic?

all my neighbors are illegal, but for some reason that did not stop them from buying homes. It did not stop them from getting drivers licenses. It did not stop them from getting ITIN. It did not stop them from financing a nice car. You folks better wake up to the 10×10 mile homosexual jew paradise district of columbia. AIBRADIO is your last chance folks. you better wake up. Time is not on your side. the jew wants to kill all non jews. And this is how they are doing it

I knew it! Those crafty gay Jews are behind it.

Hear me people. The United States is going to be destroyed
by God. This is something you can bet on. How do I know

this? The voice of God.

Prepare yourselves spiritually by focusing on Christ. If you

do not know Christ, I can help. I am looking for those that

do not know him. The filth of the U.S. has reached the

nostrils of God.

I’m not sure of the relevance of this comment to Arizona’s Immigration Bill, but I really don’t want to be in God’s nostrils, do you?

Illegal immigrants are smarter than conservatives. They will find many ways (like the bying BMWs as an example I saw) to fool the police. They will increase in number in Arizona (now already 0.5M people) and BTW this is a pathetic law because if you expect they will deport 0.5M people without destroying their economy … you must be naïve

Solution to profiling: The new law may be a great recruiting opportunity for Americans of Mexican descent to get hired by law enforcement (after getting educated, of course) in order to offset fears of racial profiling. It’s win-win b/c Arizona would realize its dream of immigration reform w/out the hassles of police discrimination, & Americans of Mexican descent would get decent jobs w/benefits in law enforcement. Sound good?

So, I guess these two are against the Bill? Wow, with all the seasonal migrant farm workers from Mexico around my area, I better be on the lookout for Mexicans in BMWs. Makes sense with the six bucks an hour they make picking apples. To the second comment: I believe there are already a significant number of Hispanics in law enforcement in Arizona and considering the poor shape of Arizona’s economy, I doubt a massive hiring increase in Law Enforcement is on the agenda.

OK. Here are the crown jewels, if you will, of rational commentary. These are all by one person. With the random use of capital letters, they must be speaking the truth. Everyone knows people who use the “Caps Lock” key are simply more wizened than those of us who haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

I have to emphasize the word ILLEGAL ALIENS, with capitals. ANTI-AMERICAN BIGOTS and RACIST HISPANIC ILLEGAL ALIENS, obviously do not know what ILLEGAL means. RACIST HISPANICS try to blur the lines between LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGAL ALIENS. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS have to do what we have to do, OBEY THE LAW. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS came here, LEGALLY, obeying our immigration laws. ILLEGAL ALIENS are RACISTS, who believe they have the right to BREAK THE LAW.

Do you want AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS, or do you believe the American people of this SOVEREIGN NATION, have the right to DEPORT THEM? SENSIBLE IMMIGRATION REFORM, usually is CODE WORDS for AMNESTY. Have to use a lot of capitals, for the ANTI-AMERICAN BIGOTS, who do not understand, what the word ILLEGAL means

We do not need IMMIGRATION REFORM, of any kind, except to STOP ALL IMMIGRATION. I am sick and tired of hearing, how difficult it is to come to our country, legally. Guess what. That is our right, as a SOVEREIGN NATION. We do not have to let anyone in. We need to remove ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. There is going to be a war, if these FOREIGN ILLEGALS DO NOT LEAVE. We have been patient with these ILLEGAL ALIEN LEECHES long, enough. Every LEGAL IMMIGRANT gets to stay. ILLEGAL ALIENS have to leave

IMMIGRATION REFORM, always means: AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. When you talk about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, if you do not want an angry response, don’t talk IMMIGRATION REFORM. There is NOTHING WRONG with our IMMIGRATION LAWS, except our CORRUPT GOVERNMENT refuses to ENFORCE THEM. This is a fact: 92% of ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS come from MEXICO or SOUTH AMERICA, 70% coming from MEXICO ALONE. Gee, I wonder why hispanics are so concerned?

RACIST TRAITOR OBAMA, is sending investigators from the Justice Department down to Arizona, to make sure our police officers do not BREAK FEDERAL LAW, by racial profiling. Yet, yet, he wants to REWARD MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL HISPANIC SUPREMACIST ALIENS with AMNESTY for BREAKING OUR FEDERAL LAWS. The only ones in this country being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST are U.S. CITIZENS. We have to follow our laws, but ILLEGAL ALIENS are allowed to BREAK OUR LAWS and not be punished.

I don’t even know where to begin on those. I’ll just let my readers do the work for me. Keep in mind, I got these quotes from only three videos relating to Arizona’s Immigration Bill. Imagine the gems I could find if I scoured the comments of the now hundreds of videos relating to this. Please feel free to share any other gems of reasoned commentary relating to Arizona’s Bill that you have found on the innernets.