If the title seems inflammatory, it is not because I am trying to be divisive or radical for the sake of “shock and awe.” I am truly of the belief — a belief developed and honed through rational observation of American Democracy — that the only losers of today’s primaries, donkeys and elephants alike, will be our democratic process. The only winner will be the system of the powerful and wealthy who use the representatives we vote into office to propagate and maintain their stranglehold on policies and legislation designed to benefit their moneyed interests at our expense.

I genuinely and honestly ask all members and supporters of the Democratic Party, without intended derision: please tell me what democrats as a whole have done the past 20 years to further the interests of the people, the one’s who vote them into office, over the interests of global imperialism which includes the banking, military, prison, insurance, pharmaceutical, agricultural, manufacturing, media and telecommunications industries?

Please do not offer rhetoric and lip service as examples of furthering the people’s interests. That’s all the Democrats offer: “we will change this; we will change that; we will stand up to so and so.” I am not out to bash Democrats, as I truly believe most members of the party actually are good, intelligent people who actually care about other human beings. But the historical realities of the past 20 years overwhelmingly show a party that gives lip service to progressive causes, yet does nothing other than maintain the same corporate fascism that Reagan and Bush Sr. and Jr. maintained.

I realize there are a few Democrats in the House and Senate that truly do stand up for the people and write and support legislation for our benefit, but the Party as a whole is almost indistinguishable from the Republican Party when one looks at actual actions and results and not the mindless hyperbole. I feel as though so-called “liberals” are concerned only with being right, rather than looking at systemic fallacies with a rational eye. The blind support of Democrats is sometimes no better than the blue-collar, “patriotic” Americans who blindly support the Republicans despite a historical record of going against every single ideal that they supposedly represent.

When we limit ourselves — especially those of us on the “left” — to blindly supporting a party no matter what the actual outcomes, and do nothing other than point out how stupid the other side is, we do nothing other than perpetuate a divide that keeps us from truly uniting and fighting the actual enemies of democracy. When we buy into the corporate media who sells us on the notion that there is a large ideological divide between Democrats and Republicans, we are buying into propaganda intended to divide us and ignore developing a rational and independent critique of society. There is no ideological divide between the two parties, it is merely a mirage to mask what is actually happening: a total corporate takeover of our democracy for the benefit of the few and the detriment of many.

When we waste our time and intellectual energy pointing out how dumb Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are, we are doing exactly what we are supposed to: perpetuating divisiveness, thereby perpetuating media-manufactured hyperbole allowing for finger pointing and a back-and-forth mentality of “I’m right and you’re wrong.” The problem is, nobody is right or wrong and their is no left and right or good and evil or black and white. As human beings, we all seek very similar things in life. We have much in common, yet we refuse to admit that we do not know all the answers and that the beliefs we cling to are ultimately toxic to the future of humanity.

The “Us versus Them” bullhonkey that both sides buy into is out of control. Quite recently I made a comment on a social networking type of site to another individuals comment. The individual, supposedly a “liberal” Democrat, went on a republican and Bush-bashing rant unrelated to the story of which they were commenting and ignored certain historical realities in the process. I responded by pointing out that the rant had nothing to do with the story and that any mention of Bush deregulation is not complete without bringing up the realities of the massive and historical deregulation propagated by the Clinton administration.

My comment was simply trying to point out historical reality and was not personally critical in any way. This person responded by calling me a “traitor” and “Benedict Arnold” among a few other juvenile and character assassinating terms. Apparently I was supposed to be on their “side” and had no right pointing out the fallacy of their statement and “stabbed them in the back” because I pointed out that Clinton did the same thing as Bush. This goes to show just how reactionary and ill-informed the so-called “left” can be. Since I do not take a black and white approach and attack the “other side” because that’s how it’s supposed to be, and use rational thought and historical reality, I am a traitor to all that is good and holy.

With illogical and ill-informed thinking like that, it’s no wonder Imperialism thrives. Not too long after that heated little exchange, a self-described “Progressive Libertarian” made a snide comment about an article I had “re-tweeted” relating to Obama. We exchanged a couple of jabs, but ultimately, when we got beyond the rhetorical BS, we discovered we had some similar views and actually agreed on quite a few issues. Keep in mind, this is a Marxist (me) and a Libertarian having rational discourse and even agreeing on certain things. Why can’t this discourse extend to others? Why does it have to be us versus them? We, the American people, have one major foe in common: the two-party undemocratic system that turns us against each other and allows Imperialism to prosper at our expense.