Originally written on May 6, 2010

Since I published this on my other blog the other day, I have since got my new site set up as one can see. Ironically, my new advertisements are a bit on the bright, shiny side; not to mention the ‘word-highlight-hover-over’ type  I approved (and can unapprove). But hey, if Porsche wants to advertise on a godless pinko site, so be it:) -Todd (5.8.10)

I am in the midst of the most serious case of what one refers to as “writers block” since my college days. It was my intent to write on modern Utilitarianism and how this is somewhat counterproductive to the development of a modern and rational philosophical thought process in regard to the reality of political economy within a dialectical context. But…I just don’t want think too hard today.

I then had the idea of writing about the decline of the labor/union movement since the Carter administration. I do have some amount of expertise on the subject, but to fully explain the dynamics at play and the policies affecting the decline could not be neatly summarized in a brief two to three-thousand word article. Perhaps a series of articles on that issue sometime in the near future is a possibility. But today, I can’t go there. I can’t even focus enough energy on writing a letter of recommendation requested by a former colleague.

Perhaps I’m drained from the stressors relating to–not only having to build a new website–but dealing with the aftermath of having some short-term success and profit suddenly taken away without any reason given. Such is the way of things; yet my path from this point forward is entirely in my own hands. I am attempting to go Google-free for reasons mentioned in recent articles [on my other Google-controlled blog]. This is indeed proving challenging. Just for search, I have been trying to use bing exclusively, and unfortunately…how do I put this mildly…it frickin’ sucks! But, at least they don’t actually highlight sites that encourage and host libel at the top of their results. Of course they don’t put much of anything relevant to a keyword search at the top of their results. [I have now started using Yahoo search which is pretty good].

So alas, I am trying to string something, anything, together as I feel I have not written a legitimately thought-provoking and intelligent article in nearly a week. Does that really matter though? I’m not exactly beholden to anyone necessarily—at least not for my blog. I write what I want to talk about and hope that someone finds it interesting. Do I really need to publish long, pedantic articles on obscure philosophical movements to attract and keep readers? In actuality, that probably tends to drive more readers away than it attracts, but sometimes I’m in the mood to be profound—sometimes I want to be fluffy and silly. Hell, some of the most popular blogs, even left-wing political blogs (which, to some extent, my blog has become), are nothing more than “cut-n-paste” sites with little actual thought or creativity—just lots of graphics and bright, shiny things to attract readers.

I’m not quite sure if I’m the “bright, shiny thing” type. I only started adding the occasional picture to my posts just because that’s what other popular blogs do. I guess that’s emblematic of our culture as a whole–even for progressive types. It’s the old adage of style over substance. Seriously, how many “Glenn Beck is an Idiot” blogs do we really need? I’ve watched brief segments of his show. He says inflammatory things to get ratings and make more money; he is an idiot. I get it. Why give him more free publicity? That’s my gripe I suppose. Write something thought provoking and intelligent and largely get ignored. Write the same old tired crap with lots of pretty, shiny things; get attention. [I shouldn’t complain or gripe–my writing is far from ignored and there are much better and smarter writers/bloggers than me who do get ignored]

With the new website pending, I have fear and trepidation. What if it is a huge success? What if I can add substantive discussion and critique and perhaps get a few people to see things from in a different light? What if it’s an utter failure and I sink too much time and too many resources into it and it gets ignored? What if I go down the path least resistance and write mindless dribble about how Sarah Palin is an idiot and throw in bright, shiny things that could potentially cause seizures in small children? What if, what if ,what if?

I’ll do my own thing and actually do some artwork and design, and I’ll write ten pages of pedantic dribble, and I’ll write a treatise on the benevolence of the Jonas Brothers, and I’ll have fun and maybe people will follow because…..because what else am I supposed to do? Did I mention Glen Beck is an idiot? Tune in tomorrow for all the crap that’s fit to crap on. Cheers and salutations to all.