I am going to officially be an evil, faceless, corporate-fascist machine; exploiting our resources and labor for profit (mwah-hah-hah-hah: I’ve got a fat cigar and a brandy snifter in my hand).

Well, technically I’ve been a corporation for about two and a half years — at least the President, Sole Proprietor and Chief Executive of a Corporation I started. Probably not quite as nefarious as I make it out to be. I had intended on starting a business and decided to incorporate it. The business never took off, so recently I figured I might as well file for dissolution considering it was “dead” for all intents and purposes.

My father however, suggested I look into changing the name and the charter of my corporation to relate to my blogging/writing. Well, I did look into that and I am now filing the proper paperwork to change the name of my corporation. I won’t give that out until everything is finalized and approved — suffice to say “publishing” will be in the name since I will be a publisher.

As anyone probably knows, corporations are guaranteed the same rights as individual citizens. It may seem counter-intuitive and despotic to a large extent, but that still doesn’t mean that crazy pinkos such as myself can’t use the system to our advantage. The advantage of incorporation is mainly protection. For one, when my blog is under the umbrella of the corporation, publishing rights and copyright/intellectual property is protected more so than that of an individual, such as it is now.

Starting my publishing corporation is not going to be merely for my own protection. I am going to offer other writers/bloggers the chance to have their work/material published under my corporate umbrella, giving them the same protection afforded me. I will also make sure that the individual intellectual property rights of the original author are still honored and in complete and total control of the corporation. In essence, this will be more or less a community of progressive/leftist writers taking advantage of the rights afforded to corporations.

I would like to think of this as more than just a “if you can’t beat em’ join em'” approach. Considering the potential of limited bandwidth to the general public for the benefit of the major internet providers, those of us on the left need to seriously prepare for the possibility of being further marginalized if net neutrality legislation is struck down by the judiciary — which is already happening. Combining forces through our own corporation, so to speak, could be one of many ways to prevent the further marginalization of our message.

Of course, this is getting way too ahead of myself for the time being. I’m most likely going to have to consult an attorney familiar with publishing and intellectual property to make sure all contracts are air-tight and protect the corporation from all enemies, foreign and domestic, as well as granting full equality to every writer that is part of my evil empire — Oh save me jebus, not a lawyer. That’s all I’ve got for now. There are many details that need to be worked out and thought through. Rest assured, I will have a site up soon that will have all pertinent details and hopefully be the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership for all of us small-time, left-wing, independent writers and bloggers.

On a related note: I will be attending a conference in Washington DC in June for small publishers that are affiliated with one of my advertisers. It’s free — which means I’m am probably going to be solicited by men with $100 haircuts and $2000 suits to purchase their advertising services. But the fun part is that I get to meet members of Congress to discuss ways of growing small publishing businesses — oh boy, can’t wait to hobnob with some GOP congressmen and share my love of “democracy” and “freedom.” Even better, I get to be a “guest of honor at a special networking reception and dinner at the Google offices in Washington, D.C.” I love Google so much, I just can’t wait to tell their middle management in attendance how wonderful they’ve been to me with their “quality deserves diversity” algorithm and suspending my adsense account with no reason given. Good times sure to be had by all.

I’ll make sure my new corporation name is completed and official by then. ‘Todd the President of a publishing Corporation’ has a much nicer sound than ‘Todd the Pinko Blogger.’ I will be the same smart-ass I always am — even if I do control an evil corporate empire now . — To my fellow reader and bloggers: I welcome advice and suggestions for my new publishing empire — I want to make William Randolph Hearst turn in his grave when my name is mentioned. Also, if anyone can put me up for the night in DC on June 14, let me know — I’ll make sure I shower the week before.