Originally written on April 21, 2010

If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up. Hunter S. Thompson

I believe that I most certainly echo Mr. Thompson’s assertion. In fact, I might possibly be the epitome of that statement as well. Being crazy is indeed paying me in some ways, perhaps not as well as Hunter was payed for his seemingly random and garbled brand of “Gonzo” journalism, but I capitalize on the “crazy” label nonetheless.

I’m not exactly sure what even qualifies as “crazy” anymore. For a time, like Mr. Thompson, I had quite the penchant for booze, drugs and a lifestyle devoid of any type of accountability or concern of consequences. Crazy went along with the territory. Glorifying Hunter and his brand of “crazy” would be counter-intuitive–for me anyway–considering that he ultimately let the crazy get the better of him five years ago when he used his head for close range target practice.

Perhaps there is some wisdom in trying to make a living from crazy. I was speaking with a friend the other day highlighting my disdain for the white-collar cubicle existence–a life that could be mine if I so desire. But that’s not life for a crazy man. But I must confess, my crazy meter keeps going in the other direction the more I age; the wiser I supposedly become. LSD and cocaine fueled days and weeks have not been a part of my routine for many years. But I’m still crazy right? I can still get paid for crazy, right?

Ultimately, I’m not as crazy as I would like to believe, or convince others to believe. Maybe Hunter wasn’t so crazy either. Trying to live up to crazy is harder than one would think. Once, it came quite naturally. Crazy is now something I have to work at, and not necessarily something I strive for anymore. Hell, we’re all crazy in our own unique ways, perhaps manifested in less nefarious and destructive ways for some. Crazy should be celebrated, and monetized if possible–by individuals, not pharmaceutical corporations or the prison industrial complex.

Raise a glass to crazy– then smash the glass on your head. The wealth and riches of craziness will surely follow.