Originally written on April 26, 2010

I consider myself to be a part of the left. No, my views and the views of others in this camp are not “radical” or “extreme” as the corporate mainstream media would lead one to believe. My views are those of an individual who has extensively studied political-economy, history and sociology. I take a rational posture when it comes to legitimate critique and analysis of modern imperialism and the role that our two-party “democracy” plays in allowing, perpetuating and exacerbating the continued hegemony of powerful corporate interests who intend to hoard the world’s resources at the expense of everyone else.

It is quite easy to point out the hypocrisy in Republican rhetoric. They claim to stand for smaller, limited and fiscally-responsible government, yet have done nothing but expand the scope of government and increase spending and debt while lowering taxes on the wealthiest citizens claiming higher taxes would lead to a stagnating economy–well, the economy has been stagnant despite the tax cuts. Republicans spout about “Christian” values and “moral righteousness,” yet they so often live lives of greed and adultery while perpetuating war throughout the world. I’m not a biblical scholar by any means, but I believe these actions would be considered antithetical to the teachings of Christ.

Again, it’s easy to point out the inherent hypocrisy of Republicans. I have much disdain for anyone who blindly supports and encourages a party that is so blatantly consumed with allowing corporate interests to accumulate wealth and exploit the American people while telling us it is good for the “economy” and if we disagree, we must be godless commies. But it would be too easy for me to continue pointing out the ideological shortcomings of the GOP. It is in all of our interests, most definitely for those of us on the left, to take a realistic and critical look at the ways in which the Democratic Party has perpetuated the exact same corporate control of policy-making and self-determination. I have much disdain for any Democrat or so-called “liberal” who blindly assumes the Democratic party is looking out for their interests over the interests of Global Imperialism. The reality of modern history tells us that while the Democrat’s rhetoric is packaged and propagated differently than the Republicans, the end result is still quite the same: Global Imperialist Hegemony.

I’m not going to acknowledge any silly Illuminati or Tri-Lateral conspiracy theory, for there is no conspiracy here. The facts are right in front of our faces if we bother to look at them. Let’s take a trip in the Todd Blog time machine and go back to the Carter administration. Jimmy Carter may very well have been the last “liberal” president we will ever see, but even liberals can devastate humanity for the sake of corporate profiteering.

In late 1977, when Indonesia was actually running out of military equipment, his administration authorized a dramatic increase in arms sales to Jakarta. And over the next several months, the Carter White House approved sales of fighter jets and ground-attack bombers to Indonesia’s Suharto regime, whose military employed them in East Timor to bomb and napalm the population into submission. dissident voice

Carter knew full well of the genocide Indonesia was committing against East Timor, yet he continually allocated weapons to Indonesia–weapons bought with tax-payer money to give a boost to the Military Industrial Complex who had been losing profit after we pulled out of Vietnam. This theme of purchasing weapons to give to third-world despots to commit atrocities for the sake of military profiteering has continued up to this day, regardless of political party affiliation, yet somehow flies under the radar of corporate and “liberal” media.

After Carter came Reagan, the first Corporate-Spokesman President. Other than: Breaking Unions; letting corporate interests dictate policy; giving these corporate interests cabinet positions and putting them in charge of agencies designed to protect American citizens from these corporate interests; continued propagation of the Military Industrial Complex in the guise of defense against a weakened USSR; and a reactionary hysteria concerning the so-called war on drugs, actually leading to a greater flow of drugs into the country–Reagan was a pretty damn good president. This continued through the HW Bush presidency, which now leads me to Clinton–sorry Clinton apologists, this won’t be pretty.

Despite the typical right-wing propaganda labeling Clinton a “liberal” and even “socialist,” Clinton perpetuated and continued almost every single ideal of the Reagan administration. Clinton, with the help of Ayn Rand disciple and current Obama economic guru Alan Greenspan, set out to further deregulate the Banking Industry and allow the actions of Wall Street to go on unabated without any pesky government oversight. This was more or less a continuation of what Reagan had stated a decade earlier, and through these actions, has led to a near meltdown of our economy in recent years. Perhaps the most atrocious and anti-democratic legislation to come out of the Clinton years is the passage of the Telecommunications act of 1996. In a nutshell, this consolidated the number of major media corporations from 50 to 10. So now, almost all news, information and perspective on what we read, watch and listen to was now in the hands of only 10 corporations who had (and have) no interest in providing any sort of content that would be in any way critical of the Imperialist power structure. Fortunately, the internet has led to more information being available to us, but more misinformation as well. There is also Clinton’s predictable war-mongering; where was the “liberal” criticism of our involvement in the little dispute between Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Balkans? How about NAFTA? What a great move that was. Generate more profits for corporations; give these corporations the ability to shut down American factories and fire thousands upon thousands of American workers; further the decimation of American Unions; and oh, cheap Mexican Labor could now be exploited at low wages. This definitely sounds like the work of a “socialist” to me.

I won’t even waste our time on the W. administration, as we have lived through it and know the end result. I would like to hold out some “hope” that Obama will be different, but all indications tell me that he is going to do very little other than propagate Imperialist Hegemony while telling us he has the interests of the American people at heart. So far: he’s exacerbated the War in Afghanistan; Iraq, while improving, is still a quagmire that we are going to be dealing with for years to come; while giving lip service to Gay rights, has done very little in terms of significant change; has continued to let the “foxes guard the hen-house” in putting former Wall Street and Banking executives in charge of economic policy–Geitner, Greenspan and others; and has shown no back-bone whatsoever when it comes to much needed and real healthcare reform.

I am in no way trying to bash Democrats. In fact, I have voted almost exclusively Democrat over the years, but this is more the result of a “lesser of two evils” mentality more than a belief that they might actually do some real good and back up their promises with action. I ask every “liberal” Democrat to take a rational look at what the Democratic Party has actually accomplished for American citizens. The reality is: they have done much more for the powerful, the wealthy and the corporate interests than they have for us. I wish I could say I had hope of other legitimate political parties, on the left and right, having a real chance at getting elected and giving us some semblance of democracy, but it looks like this will never be a reality, especially considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision in favor of giving Corporations the same power to contribute to candidates that individual citizens have. Why would the Imperialist power structure want anything to change?