The Tapeworm.

The Parasite.

The Corporation.

The Parasite.

As it is introduced to its host, the parasitic tapeworm consumes and consumes. It grows larger and larger, sucking every ounce of energy from the host as it continues to grow; taking over and shutting out all other functions of existence.

The corporate tape worm has been introduced to the host known as American Democracy. The corporate tape worm devours politicians, judges and the collective consciousness of those who enable it to feed on the host.

The corporate tape worm takes over as we watch. As we interject hyperbole and reaction into everyday discussions; as we blindly choose sides; as we scream and we assume we are righteous: the corporate tape worm takes over our control of the system that is designed to protect us from the parasite that is the corporate tape worm.

When we blindly consume with the faulty high interest credit that this parasite provides: the corporate tape worm takes over.

When we follow blindly the politician that says they are protecting us from the parasite: the corporate tape worm takes over.

When we claim to be a patriot, a champion of rights, a fighter for justice, a seeker of liberty ~ yet we are too blind to see the parasite growing ever stronger and larger: the corporate tape worm takes over.

It is our own self-fulfilling idealism that manipulates our side; the side that must be the right side, the side of truth, the side of justice. Yet our side is the same as their side. The corporate tape worm perpetuates divisiveness and ignorance as it feeds and grows and feeds and grows. We consume and it grows. We fight and it grows. We accept that our ideas and our actions are just and the corporate tapeworm takes over.

The corporate tape worm rapes, plunders and exploits all resources on earth, human and natural.

The corporate tape worm creates war and instability in its quest to grow and maintain its vast stranglehold on the intestinal tract of mother earth and of the blind inhabitants unwilling and unable to unite to dispose of this parasite.

The corporate tapeworm is democracy. It is our notion of freedom. It is the principle that tells us we are right, you are wrong. The control of information and the perpetuation of disinformation allows the parasite to manipulate our grasp of the systemic growth of the parasite in front of our eyes.

As we stand still, the tapeworm grows.

As we fight the injustices of this parasite and fight each other, the tapeworm grows.

As we feed the parasite with tax cuts and corporate welfare, the tapeworm grows.

It continues to grow until there is nothing left on earth. As every drop of oil is expelled; as every last chunk of coal is mined, as every despot is sold the weapons of death to defeat the other despot sold the same weapons of death: the corporate tape worm expands until it has nowhere to go. Once the host has been killed, so to goes the tapeworm.

As the corporate tape worm takes over, we are assured of many years of struggle; of a public discourse void of historical realities and filled to the brim with irrational hyperbole; of a growing parasite that is fed through our misguided contempt of one another in perpetuity.

Until the host is dead.

Image taken from: Tapeworm; Corporate Flag