With BP fervently (make note of the sarcastic use of fervently) trying to ‘plug’ the leak of their offshore oil drill which has continued to wreak environmental havoc for over a month, no one has suggested the obvious: go get MacGyver and have him cap that spill with a little duct tape, a swiss army knife and a dab of nitroglycerin.

It seems so blatantly obvious that I can’t believe no one has thought of it before. Not only could MacGyver’s unique brand of using tried and proven scientific techniques with common everyday items cap that spill, it would give MacGyver a raison d’être since his departure with the Phoenix Foundation.

In fact, MacGyver has done it before. If one goes back to 1985; Season 1, Episode 8: Hellfire, MacGyver capped a raging oil well quite successfully. Here’s IMDB‘s description:

During a trip to visit some friends, an accident starts a fire in an oil-well owned by MacGyver’s friends. MacGyver and his buddy then go to fetch dynamite in an abandoned mine at great peril to themselves after they decide the dynamite is the only feasible way the fire can be put out. However, when they use it, the fire only becomes more intense. Can MacGyver and his Hellfire friend survive the incredible heat to put out the fire and save the oil buried underneath the well…?

Why are BP and President Obama not tracking down MacGyver to stop the spill? He has a proven track record in this field and I’m sure he is quite bitter about SNL’s new spoof MacGruber and would be more than happy to show that MacGyver; the man, the legend and the Murdock-fighting friend of science is no laughing matter.

In these times of Corporate greed and control of our Democracy, we need MacGyver more than ever. I’m sure he could make good use of duct tape when he confronts the evil BP executives. I, a mere mortal, have but one plea for MacGyver: Come save us from the BP Spill and use a paper clip, baking soda and Boyle’s Law to save our democracy!

Here is the episode in question. I hope BP, the coast guard and the Obama Administration will watch and learn.

Click the picture to see the episode:

Images taken from: MacGyver Logo, MacGyver Hellfire, Oil Rig